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Sneaky Fridge Cabinet for a Pretty New Fridge

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When we first moved into this house, we knew immediately that we wanted to completely update the kitchen, and that it would be a BIG project, but it was one of those rare big projects that I was oddly excited to tackle, because I knew that it would be so worth it in the end. This particular post highlights a project that was the last part of a very long list of items in our kitchen renovation, and we were so excited to get this bad boy wrapped up.

Long story short, when we first moved into this house, the previous owners left their refrigerator, which worked great for us for a while... until it didn't anymore. As life happens, the existing fridge had served us well, but was getting pretty old and was nearing the end of its life with us, so it was time to upgrade. So upgrade we did, and we are VERY happy with our decision to get a Forte Refrigerator. Ours has double french doors, which I have learned is forever on a must for me in regards to fridges, and we've just been really happy with the overall function of it. It's pretty on the outside, and maybe I'm a dork, but I think my favorite feature might be the water spout on the inside- keeps the outside clean and sleek, just the way I like it! Sorry, I went off on a fridge tangent there, but I just really love it. Annnnyways, back to the project at hand, which I promise DOES in fact involve the fridge!

So, like I mentioned we got a new refrigerator, but it happened to be a different size from the previous fridge, so like so many of you out there, we were left with a weird space above said fridge that we had to fill. We didn't want to fill it with a standard cabinet, because, as I have mentioned before, our kitchen is a bit tight- we live in an OLD farmhouse, and one of the lovely features of old farmhouses happens to apparently be a small kitchen, so, for now, we have to work with what we've got around here.

I decided that an open cabinet would be the best way to go, because it would allow for me to have another area to style, AND we would be able to put a can light above it, and any way that I can add light is a route I want to go! I created an open box with plywood that I had on hand, and I attached to the existing supports that were encasing the fridge with screws and glue. Kenny cut a hole in the top and installed that can light, and we were almost to the finish line with this one. We did have one small snag that I had to work around, and that was that there was an outlet for our fridge up high, behind where the cabinet would be, and so I had to make sure that it would be accessible. After wracking my brain for a bit for how to create a shelf with a removable back, I realized that I had some pole wrap leftover from a previous project- PERFECT! If you have used pole wrap before, you know that the best part of it is right there in its name- it is designed to wrap around things, and is therefore quite bendable. By securing the top of the pole wrap to a support piece that I installed across the back of the box, I was able to ensure that the pole wrap would stay in place, but it could easily be rolled up and lifted up to access that outlet if need be.

Once we had finished the design and application of this one, it was time to paint and make it pretty, and you all KNOW that this is my favorite part. It's the part when the ideas really come to life and show their true beauty. I'll link my favorite kitchen styling accessories for you here if you're interested!

I have to say- though this wasn't one of the most complex builds I've ever tackled, I was SO proud of it! It always feels good to use what I have on hand, and when I come up with an idea that I haven't seen before, it always puts a little extra pep in my step, which makes me excited for the next project! I'd love to know in the comments below what you think of this one!

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