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My Favorite Hacks

Let's be honest. Life can get crazy, and most of us are busy with a capital B. I don't know about all of you, but I am all about any kind of tip that can make my life just a little bit easier, so I'll take all the life hacks that I can get. In the same way, I use TONS of little hacks and short cuts when I'm doing my #diy projects. Some have worked, and some have flopped, but I thought that I would highlight a few of my favorite #DIYhacks, in hopes that they might give you the extra push to dive into the wonderful world of doing-it-yourself.

1. Think Outside the Box

This is perhaps the hack that I use the most, and it might seem pretty obvious, but I think it's important. I repurpose a TON. I'm constantly trying to find ways to change something into what I want it to be. Take these curtain rods, for example. Guess what? Not curtain rods.

When I decided to hang curtain panels in my living room, I knew that they would be mostly for decoration. It isn't a room that we spend a ton of time in, so I knew I wouldn't be closing the curtains all that much. I knew then that I wanted stationary curtain panels. Easy enough, right? Sure, except that curtain rods (even short ones meant for stationary panels) can be pricey, and I wasn't really down for spending a bunch of money on something that wasn't even going to be functional. Solution? Towel racks totally double as curtain rods, and they are a lot cheaper. I've used cheap towel racks as curtain rods in two different places in my home, and no one (well, except for everyone now) can tell the difference. Repurposing is my jam, and in a most cases, it will save me some money. I've also turned a shower curtain into a valence, and now I have a valence that no one else has. Keep things custom and save some cash at the same time? Sign me up!

2. When in Doubt, Spray It

I have a confession. I spray paint everything. I honestly don't think that I have one item in any of the rooms in my house that hasn't been spray painted at one point or another. From candle sticks, to furniture, with all the lamps and curtain rods (aka towel racks) in between, I have spray painted it. I've even spray painted a chandelier. This DIY hack works just perfectly with my tastes, because, well... my tastes are constantly changing. And as much as I love changing up the decor in my home, I don't love having a bunch of old decor to store or worry about getting rid of. That's where spray paint comes in clutch. There are SO many different types of spray paint, so the possibilities are honestly endless. You can make something look glass or brass or anything in between.

Take this adorable little stool that I found at Target on clearance for instance. I loved it to begin with, but wanted to add a little something to it. A little painter's tape and some gold spray paint later, and I've got a perfectly customized stool. It just works. It's cheap and quick, so what's not to love? I know I won't be putting down my spray cans any time soon!

3. Trash to Treasure

My next hack is perfect for the DIY newbie who is a little weary of diving in full force. Now, if you are familiar with my projects, you know that I'm not afraid to pick up other people's give-a-ways here and there. I'm sure we have all had the following experience: Driving along, minding our business, when we spot a no-longer-loved piece of furniture like a chair or desk. I'm sure we've all been there and see them, but I'm the crazy lady who actually picks them up and throws them in her vehicle. I LOVE finding other people's "trash" and turning it into something cool.

There I go again, turning some trash into treasure

Ok, I know how this sounds. In fact, if I'm being honest, I am desperately wracking my brain right now for the correct words that won't make me sound like I am promoting full on dumpster diving. But let's be real. That's kind of what I'm promoting. In fact, just the other day, I was mentioning to my husband how convenient it might be for the next vehicle that we buy to be a pick up truck. He took one look at me and said, "You just want to make your dumpster diving easier." Can you believe the nerve and the complete accuracy of that statement?! Listen, it's not like I run around picking up a bunch of dirty, used furniture like changing tables and make them into bars. Oh wait, yeah I do. But here's the thing: Not every DIY works out the way I envision it will. So, when I find something for cheap, or even better- for FREE, it makes diving into the project just a little bit less scary. There's no big risk involved if it turns out to be a flop. So don't be afraid to try out your projects on second-hand items... you might just find that they turn out to be some of your favorites!

Well, there you have it. I've revealed all my secrets. Well, not all my secrets, but these are some of my favorite #DIYhacks . Now what are you waiting for? Go on- get out there, find someone else's trash, spray paint that bad boy, and use it for something entirely different than it's original purpose. You never know what you might come up with!

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