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Extending Summer

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

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Since we moved into the new house, there has been more than an handful of new adventures that we have learned about, and one of our favorites is having a pool. Neither Kenny or I have ever had a pool before, but it is always something that I've wanted. We both knew that caring for a pool would be a bit of a learning curve, and I do have to say that the first summer was spent mostly "learning." Like any of our DIYs, we utilized any resources we could- gathering knowledge along the way in order to prepare ourselves for whatever obstacles we might encounter. One of the resources that we have discovered to be extremely useful lately has been a company called Doheny's.

Living in the Midwest, we naturally try to get the most out of the pool worthy months that we are given, and so heating the pool in the later summer is a must. This year, we were able to get a solar cover from Doheny's, and we recently added it to our pool repertoire (as an added bonus for my readers, Doheny's has given a discount! Just click on the link and use code MISSLIZ at checkout for $10 off any orders of $100). Just having the solar cover on our pool alone increases the solar absorption into our pool by 25%, which means significantly warmer swims for us, and in turn, more pool days as well! Not only has Doheny's (which, I should note is a wonderful, family owned company) provided a product which we love, but they have also been an excellent resource for us in helping us learn more about taking care of our pool, giving us tips and tricks along the way. If you know me, you know that customer service is something that I put HUGE value on, and since our experience has been so wonderful with Doheny's, I wanted to also share it with all of you!

Now you might be wondering... What does this have to do with DIY? Well, this actually was a DIY for us, and a completely achievable one (even for the novice like us) at that. With the guidance of Doheny's, we were able to easily assemble the crank and reel for the cover, and also cut the cover to size so that it would fit our specific pool absolutely perfectly.

By using the solar cover, we are not only going to extend our pool season into early fall, but we are going to save ourselves some money on heating costs in the process, which means more fun for us- pool party anyone?!

If you have a pool, despite where you live, the benefits of this solar cover are plenty, and we highly recommend Doheny's for it! They are available nationwide too, so if you're looking for a way to save some money and some days of summer, a solar cover is where its at!

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