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ALL the Holiday Gift Guides

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Gift giving is one thousand percent my love language. I absolutely love giving gifts, but even I can admit that sometimes it can be so overwhelming to come up with ideas! Don't worry- I've got you covered! I've pulled together all my favorite gift ideas and divided it into sections to make it super easy for you! Enjoy and happy shopping!


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For Her

From jewelry to pretty kitchen must haves, every single item on this list is an item that I already love, or specific items that I'm putting on my own list this year. You can find all the clickable links to these items here!

For Him

This list is all Kenny! These are either items that we have given him in the past that he loved, or items that he said he'd love to get this year! You can find all the clickable links here!

For The Kiddos

We have most of these items, and it was important to put items on here that my kids have loved for years, and that they will continue to grow with and still enjoy! Find those clickable links here!

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