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Most Asked For Items: May 2022

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So, I'm sitting on a flight, on the way to celebrate my anniversary, sipping on a bit of champagne, and I really can't think of a better time to write a blog post, right? I thought it might be a good idea to start putting some of the most asked about items here on my blog so that you can always look back at them if you need one. So, without further adieu…

  1. Paint Sprayer: By far my most requested link. The finish on this is seriously amazing.

  2. Adidas Shoes: I get asked about these shoes a LOT, and I have to say that they are hands down my favorite pair. I wear them all the time- whether paired with running shorts or a pair of pleather leggings, they always seem to get noticed!

  3. Stud Finder: GUYS, we have 1/2" plaster walls that is ON TOP of 1/4" drywall... and this thing still finds the studs.

  4. Designer Dupe Shorts: Like most of my clothing purchases, these shorts are incredibly affordable, and they are an excellent dupe of the Free People version. They are high waisted, so I think they're really flattering, and super comfy too.

  5. Rowing Machine: ($50 off with code LIZ50) "Do you really love it?" The answer is an absolute YES. Just this morning, I did a killer race, and the competitive spirit in me loves the setup.

  6. Gold Necklaces: I have two that I wear regularly, linked here and here.

  7. Bedsheets: (20% off with code MISSLIZ20) LITERALLY the softest sheets I have ever owned, and not even CLOSE to the most expensive pair I've bought.

  8. Apple Watch Bands: I am an accessory gal, and my apple watches change just as often as the weather. I love this multipack as my go to for working out or everyday!

  9. Eyelash Serum: (20% off with code missliz20) I'm telling you, this stuff works (at least it does for me).

  10. Face Sunscreen: I have VERY sensitive skin, and if I'm not careful with what I put on it, I will break out like nobody's business. This stuff has never given me a problem, and also has a nice little shimmer to it, so even if I'm not wearing makeup, it gives me a little somethin'

  11. Amazon bodysuit: Truth be told, there are three different colors of these inside my suitcase in the bottom of this plane.

  12. Adidas Slides: My go-to. I have an outdoor pair, an indoor pair, and about 2 extra pairs. I've been rocking these slides since highschool and something tells me that I'll continue to do so for years to come.

  13. Nail Gun. I mean, it's battery operated and I use it more than any other tool. Enough said.

  14. Kids Chore Chart: I love these because they're cute, and my kids love to check off their items to earn rewards.

  15. Woven Sandals: My go-to for "dressy" sandals lately... affordable and super comfy

  16. Family Room Lamps: Both on and off social media (like when people are actually inside my house), I get asked about these lamps a lot. And they won't break the bank!

I hope you guys find this useful, and please never hesitate if there is something that I can help you find!

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